Tuesday, 5 March 2013

VM & Display Show, 2013

Have you registered yet for the VM & Display Show yet?  No? Then what are you waiting for?  Just click on the image above and complete the pro forma and the guys will do the rest (it takes a few seconds).  So cu'mon lets get on with it, eh?

L.K.Bennett, London

We're loving this Pink at L.K. Bennett right now.  With such a large window and comparatively small product, good old L.K. have got this absolutely right.  So often we see these vast window spaces with tiny product placed inside which are completely lost in the vastness of space.  What these guys have done is to hone the customers lazy-21st-century-tech-savvy-blasted-with-to-much-information-constantly-eyes in on the product without actually blocking the whole window space out.  So, lets appreciate the thinking behind this and go and have a look at this simple yet perfectly applied technique? 

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