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Monday, 19 May 2014

Harrods, Pradasphere, London

Have you been to see Pardasphere at Harrods yet?  If not then you really are missing a corker of an experience.  We had our own special tour of this amazing exhibition from one of the guys here who was extremely knowledgeable about the brand and its history and eloquently contextualised each key element.  Historical products, the likes of wish you may never see again in the most exotic materials; lizard, python, ivory, tortoise shell and even Elephant skin, yep..!  The product of course is of a time so the use of materials now historical yet understandable but the details are staggering.  A visual feast tracing each delicious collection awaits you so if you haven't been then get yourself over to Knightsbridge and take a look.  Its too hot in the office to work anyway so go on, treat yourself and feel cleansed with new and exciting knowledge about this phenomenal brand.  We only wish that there was information that we could have taken away with us but then we guess its all part of the emphemeral nature of these events.

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