Monday 4 October 2010

Window Display: New Visual Merchandising

If you haven't seen the new book from Tony Morgan launched recently, then you must go and get yourself a copy.  This latest publication is full of the most beautiful concepts by contemporary Visual Merchandisers work from around the globe including London, Paris, Belgium, Hong Kong and New York.  This is a real gem of exquisitely photographed windows presented under the key areas of Seasons, Lighting and Technology, Theatre, Trends and so on.  Taking us on a personal journey through the context of how these come in to being from his years of experience, Tony Morgan also offers us an explanation in each of the chapters in order for us to begin to understand what we as the viewers are actually viewing and why certain Visual Merchandising elements are produced the way that they are.  "Stores must deliver their merchandise in a competitive imaginative and distinctive way".  "The challenge is not only to attract customers' attention and encourage them to shop, but to promote a store's brand and keep shoppers informed of fashion trends". "An exhibition of the most exciting and original window displays worldwide, Window Display offers guidance to visual merchandisers and retailers who need to create eye-catching window designs that will help increase sales."
At just £22.50 this is a must have book for your collection.

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