Sunday 3 October 2010

Karolina Kling Pop-up book Installation

Wow, if you didn't see this pop-up by Kling by Kling, you missed an incredible treat.  I have only just found Karolina Kling's work and I am in awe - this is one of the reasons I stay here in London.  This interactive installation in East London, a pop-up book that you can turn the pages of from a digital pad on the outside of this window is both extraordinary and a real crowd puller - I had wait an hour to get these shots.  "KLING by KLING is a label created by London based Swede Karolina Kling. Since establishing the brand in 2006 the label has acclaimed international attention for its distinct prints and playful designs and has been described as Viktor & Rolf on acid. For the last two years she has reached a growing audience with her fourth collection, distributing worldwide".  If you do nothing else this week check out her site, its dark, its fascinating and I feel sure that you too will be gripped.

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