Friday 24 July 2015

Barthelmess, Vision, Barcelona, 2015

Barthelmess hosted their international annual future congress, Vision, in Barcelona recently.  Successful trade concepts, challenges of the future, perspectives and innovation were the key themes this year with guest speakers including freelance consultant Gerald Grare, consultant Dr. Christian Mikunda and innovation expert Stephen Jung.  At the end of the few days, participants were taken on a tour of Barcelona in order to apply their new found knowledge and evaluate new store concepts across the city.  It really is fantastic to see a company such as Barthelmess leading the way in future thinking within retail and Visual Merchandising and making such an enormous contribution across the industries. Check out their website here too to see what they can offer you.

Tiffany, London

Gorgeous cut-outs and beautifully presented as always, it can only be Tiffany.  We are always rather amazed at the ingenuity of this brand and their concepts.  As always we are looking for something to amuse and entertain us although a little sophistication and perfection is always worth viewing too of course.  Tiny narratives which pull together the strands of this brands core values fill the windows at this luxury brand right now.

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