Friday, 17 December 2010

On the streets, New York (Brooklyn)

Spotted on the streets of Willamsburg in Brooklyn another paper pasted work of Art.  I don't know the significance of this, or if there is any significance at all, however it an interesting, possibly drawn or printed piece of work nonetheless.  Place some product in front of it...and...voila.

Ralph Lauren, New York

I had heard about the new Ralph Lauren mansion at the top of Madison Avenue through one of my contacts and naturally had to go and take a look for myself.  This store is stunning.  This new mansion house houses the womens wear collections and mirrors the Ralph Lauren mansion opposite which houses the menswear.  Apparently a 1960's building was here before this store was built in its Beaux Art style I believe, and it took three months just to  install all of the decorative plaster work.  This really is a grand old place with merchandise placed strategically around the store while maintaining the sense that the space was once a home.  Of course, it never was, but fabulous seasonally decorated chandeliers and gorgeous garlands this really is place to view.

Anthropologie, New York

If you ever needed to know how to make clutter look so artful then Anthropoligie is the brand to check out to see how it can be done, and done so well.  At the Rockefeller Center store, the team have created knit covered deer trophy heads which we can see a lot of around New york right now.  Also, one thing that captured my attention was this incredible radiator chair.  How fun is this?  OK, well probably terribly uncomfortable, but who cares, it just looks so amazing. 

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