Monday, 5 September 2011

Gant, London

We really like what the guys at Gant are doing based on their last several schemes.  These micro environments or tableaux create a whole new feel to the space within which they are contained.  If one steps back from these spaces which are actually placed within original Regency buildings, the schemes here so take us on a journey to a time and place beyond a Grey London.  We mentioned the tiny trophy skulls with horns in our earlier entry and here we can see a brilliant example of identifying trends in places such as the Berlin markets to implementation on the London and global high street. 

Markets, Berlin

We've been scouring the markets in Berlin this weekend in search of some of the latest trends and looking for inspiration for new concepts.  We're seeing a lot of toys, cameras, tiny mounted skulls with horns and tonnes of Silver and particularly Pewter.  There are of course the most delicious finds of original 1940's and 50's pieces of Bauhaus influenced tubular style furniture.  We only wish we could bring it all back, but part of the pleasure is just in the viewing.

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