Thursday, 2 April 2015

Proportion>London, Savage Beauty, Alexander McQueen, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Over several years, Proportion>London have developed a close working relationship with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London's conservators creating a whole variety of commissions with them.  In true unconventional style that McQueen is so famous for Proportion>London created the mannequins and bust forms using raw materials including papier mache and natural wood for this exhibition. Using precision manufacturing techniques each piece ensures that McQueen's creations hang flawlessly.  This superbly curated exhibition has already sold thousands of tickets and no doubt will be talked about for generations.  If you don't see it, you will regret it.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Alexander McQueen, London

McQueen is looking very ghostly at the moment don't you think? (in the most beautiful and exquisite way of course).  Large distressed antique looking mirrored panels and distressed flooring form the backdrop to, well we could hardly call them products (although ultimately they are).  Perhaps works of art, fabulous design and craftsmanship that creates a benchmark which few other luxury brands ever reach is more appropriate.  The is also one of the only luxury brands which never look vulgar but continue to surprise us and bring you the readers flocking to these pages each time we include them.

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