Monday 4 October 2010

New Collection, Jersey Girl at Panache

I found myself drooling again the other day.  While viewing the new collection at Panache Display which is so wonderfully fresh, exciting, elegant and quite frankly incredibly sexy, I just couldn't help myself.  The new abstract / stylised figures just launched form Jersey Girl from this prolific company have been presented in this pure White Matt finish.  With a variety 4 forms offering an incredible 16 poses to choose from, any fashion retailer out there must go and take a look.  From high fashion to high street, these female figures with their beautifully elongated figures (a delicious size 8), swan-like necks and molded hands are absolutely stunning and are a must for any one who wants to be ahead in this commercial industry.  The beautiful bust forms have been presented in gorgeous fabrics, although with any part of this collection the client can have whatever they choose and even have exquisitely made articulated arms too, to enable you to create that wonderful sense of movement within your presentation.  As per usual, the only limitation is our own imagination.  I was also struck by the leg forms for shoes and hosiery.  I have seen these in some of the cooler retailers and I promise you, if you own a shoe/hosiery, brand/department somewhere out there, then these little guys are well within your price range.  Excellent value, an excellent collection, how can you ever present your product with anything else?  With the new trends already announced for 2012, you will already know your finishes, your textures and so on.  So get in contact with these guys (and they are so incredibly nice too) and get shopping for your new collection.  Don't forget to watch this space for the pending launch of Jersey Boy launching soon in 2011.  In the meantime get those orders in for this must have collection by contacting     

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