Tuesday 5 October 2010

Zara, London

If you don't have access to the cash to purchase the likes of Armani, Kerin Rose, Formichetti or Haus of Gaga, then why not make your own?  If you happened to pass Zara on the corner of Bond st. recently you would have seen this incredibly fun scheme from the creative team there.  Steampunk inspired glasses (incidentally these can be bought at the Goth shop online) with the ever versatile Jammy Dodgers, biscuit necklaces, mounds of popcorn, old coach seats and inverted comma styled mannequin wigs help to create this wonderful scene.  The team here are clearly gaga over Gaga in their presentation that one hardly notices the merchandise which itself has been deftly styled to look even better than it is - job well done then.  If only Zara were like this the world over what a wonderfully visually fun place the world would be. 

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