Wednesday 6 October 2010

Browns, London

We have recently seen the growing trend of the use of clocks in store windows recently, both at Fred Perry and at Browns along Sloane St. here in London.  This is actually a very simple scheme using clocks and alarm bells in a repetition format on a Grey backdrop or technically speaking as repetition of radiating forms, These kind of schemes prove, I suppose, that even small independent retailers can look to these kind of stores in order to be inspired to produce quite effective schemes with minimal financial output.  The semi-abstract figures used here have been sprayed with a Gold finish.  The clocks, naturally represent time and the "continuum in which events occur in succession....used to sequence events to quantify the durations of the events and the intervals between them".  With this in mind, perhaps this scheme rather lacks any sense of depth or meaning which, from a 'Designer' brand position was maybe a missed opportunity?  As it is, we have repetition of these man made forms, although wouldn't it have been rather more interesting if this concept had unravelled some thought, theory, ideology and communicated this through this concept in order to produce a scheme with a deeper level of meaning and which brands such as these can afford the luxury of doing?  As it is, its just clocks and alarm bells repeated, so hardly revolutionary, although it is of course, actually quite effective and works very well anyway.

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