Thursday 7 October 2010

Oasis, London

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this brand any more.  They have gone through a few transformations, albeit quite minor, although, for me at least, they seem to have lost their direction a little?  The concepts behind the schemes are interesting, although perhaps the budgets are so low right now that, in the case of this brand, every expense has been spared?  With the repetition of these out sized magnifying glasses, the likes of which were seen at Tiffany (only actual size) earlier this year and I have seen a few cropping up in several other schemes throughout 2010 including Fortnum and Mason.  It seemed to be a trend that didn't really go any where, unlike the use of Chandeliers of course, from just about every high street brand throughout 2009.  The mannequins with their Matt White finish work well and of course they have been placed in the usual pyramidal format / dynamic, but for me the scheme lacks the energy we have previously seen from this brand?  Perhaps it is the lack of humour that's missing?  I can see the humour and fun is screaming to get out but with magnifying glasses that barely magnify anything, a great opportunity to play with them, magnifying all sorts of cheeky 'bits' just didn't happen? 

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