Friday 8 October 2010

Anna Glasbrook, Architectural Textile Designer

Images Courtesy and Copyright Anna Glasbrook.

I do love to find new people to show you all and just by chance while rushing around the shows recently I happened upon Anna Glasbrook's incredible work.  With so much resin being showcased recently I was immediately drawn to Glasbrook's work as the perfect alternative - in fact I actually screeched to a halt.  As my mind races at 100 miles per hour on a daily basis, I couldn't help but think how her work could be used within either a domestic or commercial environment.  "Anna Glasbrook creates striking contemporary textile pieces for domestic, corporate and public spaces".  "Using the effects of layering, transparency and the travelling line, she creates textiles that vibrate with vivid colour and movement enticing viewers to stop and look closer." (which I did)  "Anna's photographs of the rural and urban landscape are the fundamental starting point of her design process, and a technique for exploring proportion of colour and line". "The contours, textures and colours from the images are translated with free and fluid mark-making, into individual works". "The innovative use of three-dimensional stitch creates a changing perspective as the work is viewed from different angles". 
If you don't know Anna Glasbrook's work then you must check out her site at   and see what she can do for you.  With the current installations at Levis along Regent St. here in London, Nicole Farhi leading the way throughout 2010 with their use of Artists Esther Coombs and Benedetta Mori-Ubaldini producing the most magical installations, Topshop with Japanese artist Houxo Que then how can you not?  Working with these amazing people not only supports independent Artists and Designers, but it also creates a fantastically exciting and innovative environment for your customers too - and this is what we want.  And lets face it, if you're not going to do it, your competitors will.  If I were you I would have this woman on speed dial.   In the meantime Anna can be contacted at

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