Saturday 9 October 2010

Nicole Farhi, London

I've been following this store's schemes for over a year  now and they never fail to surprise me.  The creative team here have been leading the way over the past year with their use of various artists and designers to work with their vision and create some very cutting edge schemes.  The latest scheme launched recently is based on the work of the French artist Bernar Venet.  "Venet's work explores many media, materials and forms of expression". "From the early sixties, Venet's use of industrial drawings and mathematical diagrams in painting has been a major contribution to Conceptual Art". "Venet has lived in New York for many years, and practices as an artist around the world."
"For Venet, being an artist means not only painting or sculpting, but also to speculate--in art, science, philosophy, mathematics, geometry, and music". "He is an internationally recognized painter, sculptor, and composer of concrete music (technologically manipulated sound), and his main interest in art is to raise questions, to push his work further and further, and to search for new approaches."
What is so refreshing about the schemes at Nicole Farhi is being able to understand their intentions and how in turn this is communicated to us.  Often we as customers are presented with such meaningless 'stuff' that is sometimes overwhelming although more often than not, (with reference to the multiple brands) quite underwhelming, however the creative team here seems to get it all just so right.

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