Tuesday 12 March 2013

Mathew Williamson, London

We've been huge fans of Kyle Bean's work since we spotted it ages ago in Selfridges windows.  On this occasion an interesting collaboration is now in place at Mathew Williamson's store in Mayfair here in London.  Anyway, with this year long collaboration which will evolve throughout the seasons and change every two months we cant wait to see what they do next.  This store is not always known for its innovative Visual Merchandising (the product of course is superb), however the mannequins always look as if they have argued with each other and haven't changed in three years (at least) and the installations always appear as they are an after thought or a sticky plaster on the wound of bad visual merchandising.  Come on guys, closer groupings and bigger statements.  We love Kyle Bean's work so lets do it justice?

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