Thursday 14 March 2013

Issey Miyake, London

Is there any way of not loving what Issey Miyake does?  We are huge fans or this brands work although unfortunately some female call centre person from our bank here in London isn't it seems.  We're forever receiving phone calls about our expensive tastes and pay for the privileged of our bank writing to us telling us so.  We already know who shall not be named.  We simply cant resist walking past here without a little peruse and that's OK, right?  With their fabulous light installation we are drawn in ever more, like little moths to a flame.  Damn you Visual Merchandising you got us again.  In the meantime, Julie at 'Natwest', please stop calling - you freaky stalker with your crimpline uniform and no appreciation of fantastic design.  We promise not to hide behind the sofa each time you call and pretend that we aren't in - honest.

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