Monday 25 March 2013

Banana Republic, London

Wow, we love the latest scheme at Banana right now.  We're Mad for Mod too and this just ticks all of those boxes so well.  We just cant help love the style of this scheme.......we have a feeling that we know where this design comes from of course as we recognise the style, however we also love the repetition of these radiating forms as a backdrop and the mannequins are dressed and positioned so well too.  We're not sure which company produced these figures used here although we suspect Rootstein as the realism is always so fantastically accurate and the nipples on the females are so remarkable pointed.  Considering how cold it is here in London, this is no surprise of course.  Brands that we have worked with before used to make us shave the nipples off or apply sticky plasters; we prefer the realism and the boys love it too.

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