Thursday 7 March 2013

Esprit, London

This is a surprisingly interesting scheme from Esprit, don't you think?  We are pleased to see that the repetition of mannequins in an ordinary-space-days appear to be far behind this brand and, well, hands up, these guys are so interesting and really working hard for your 'bucks'.  We like that.  With their train station-style installation all painfully crafted (probably on a budget but that's OK, right? - no, not really) these guys have delivered a fun, interesting and less than ordinary scheme with minimal cost.  We know very well how hard it is to do these things and we wish that the accounts departments of these types of brands would just leave the creative  teams to get on with the job and support them in producing lavish schemes; no chance of that happening.  Sadly the boys (and females) possibly in Grey suits just love to feel cool and privy to the party.  Sometimes, we have to work the floor and just let them think that they are, even if we know otherwise, right?

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