Friday 28 February 2014

Bloomingdales, Dubai

After a marathon flight courtesy of Emirates airlines, which incidentally is really very good if you have never flown with them before, we have finally landed in the gorgeous and welcomed warmth of Dubai.  Ahhhhh.  Well, first stop is the Dubai Mall which is still (we think) the worlds largest shopping mall?  It really is exhausting walking around here as it is so enormous but you know how much we suffer for our Art.  Here at Bloomingdale's they are asking us which side are you on?  No, not in the same way as 'Which side of the church are sat on?' or 'Which team do you play for?' if you get our drift, but 'Are you up town or down town?' (maybe that has slightly worse connotations?)  Here we have a largely stripey space separated by a 'glass' screen and in some places creating this faux perspective.  It does look great of course but then these guys clearly invest in their teams to produce such a quality output.

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