Tuesday 27 April 2010

Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Bloomingdales, here in the Dubai Mall, forms an enormous section of this Mall, over several floors and possibly the same space again through footfall and having walked through this store, I must say that it is absolutely stunning. The merchandise is very, very, desirable and I had to resist, resist, resist from buying anything as I could feel the shopping pangs becoming overwhelming here. What an amazing job this company have done (if in fact Bloomingdales do actually run this, otherwise the franchisee has done a superb job here). The lighting is stunning, the floors are glossy, the open frontage here is very welcoming and the individual product displays within this store are beautifully produced, perfectly kept and in many cases individually lit. The current window scheme of possibly Lichtenstein influenced cut outs are great fun, and if you want to see a good example of what to do within retail then this should be your destination. My photographs sadly don't do this store justice.

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