Monday 26 April 2010

Stella Luna, Dubai

Stella Luna is another unfamiliar brand to me here at the Dubai Mall. The European based brand describes itself as having impeccable taste (isn't taste merely personal preference?) and which is hoping to take China by storm. Their websites opening page is actually superb and their graphics are beautifully produced, however their belief that China will become the centre of fashion in the world is perhaps based on the developing wealth and how much people are prepared to pay for this stuff rather than the various components that 'make up' style - or at least my perception of what style is. Maybe their aspiration is a little naive or am I protecting the notion that Europe and North America are the centre of Fashion? Anyway, the store here in the Mall is quite beautifully produced and while I have been here their scheme has changed from using paint tins in and on which to present the product (below) to the the star motif scheme seen above. As regular readers will know, motifs are not my favourite thing to use in presenting product so I am struggling to be positive here about the new scheme above, particularly as it is a 'luxury' brand. However, it is an interesting brand to follow and I guess watch this space.

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