Sunday 25 April 2010

Manolo Blahnik, Dubai Mall

Did anyone else know that the genius of the glamorous well heeled had a store? Does he have any others? I don't think so. After some cursory research here at the Mall of Dubai, it transpires that the majority of its 1200 stores are actually franchises owned by a variety of different very large companies based in UAE. It did seem odd to me to see this store when I have never heard of any other in existence. It kind of killed the magic a little for me and that perhaps things are not as real as they are presented? I'll get over it of course as this is Dubai and perhaps the place of unreality and escapism. I guess it depends if you want to escape, and from what, or if you enjoy lack of reality for this all to work. Anyway, shoes are hung from this molecular / microscopic bone structured solid 'curtain', although for something so desirable I think the lighting would have been a little lower and these precious pieces highlighted as wonderful objects to be worshipped. But they aren't. Still they are Manolo's. However, I would want the full pampering glamorous luxury package for the cost of these little gems to shop within, wouldn't you?

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