Saturday 24 April 2010

Dior, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Within the Dubai Mall with its Fashion Avenue, Fashion Parking and so on is the Fashion Drum. This is a remarkable area which as with the mall itself has to be seen to be believed. Who knew that Armani had a Cafe? Well apparently he or 'they' do within this 'Drum' - a vast circular space filled with all of the top brands (there is also an Armani Cafe in the Mall of the Emirates which is rather cooler however). Anyway, this must be the best Dior store I have ever seen. As this is within the 'controlled environment' of a Mall here in Dubai, the lighting can be altered to make this site look superb. And it does. The use of vinyl on glass and superbly placed lighting, how could anyone not shop here or at least be drawn in to take a look. Thank you Dior for giving us such a treat - can we see this happening with some of your other stores too?

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