Friday 23 April 2010

Dubai Mall, Dubai (Aquarium)

The Mall of Dubai is one of the most incredible shopping experiences here in Dubai that any visitor must see. It really is a monolithic structure that one can only believe exists by experiencing it. Interestingly, by comparison to the various malls around Dubai, for its size it is extremely busy. People shop in a very different way here and it is not unusual to see store after store and mall after mall completely void of any one else (apart from the sales staff) It is how I would imagine superstars wanting some privacy would shop. Ya'know after hours. But this isn't. I'll mention more about that in later entries. Anyway, the giant aquarium here and various other water features in the Dubai Mall are some of the central pieces that draw in the crowds. For a fee one can travel through the 'glass' tunnel running through the centre of the aquarium or actually get inside this structure and swim (inside a cage) with the sharks and bizarre aquatic creatures. (I am tempted). Apparently not long after opening there was a fracture in the 'glass' (I say 'glass' as I believe it is actually a type of perspex) leading to a huge flood and the evacuation of the wildlife. Scary stuff when you see the size of this thing. I have included a picture of people below, which is quite unusual for me, but just to give you an indication of the size of this monster. With all the of Malls in Dubai vying for your Dirhams, this certainly seems to be the winner to date.

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