Friday 11 November 2011

Fortnum and Mason, London

Were you at the launch of the Fortnum and Mason window scheme last night?  No?, well you really did miss a corker of an evening.  As we have come to expect and anticipate, the scheme here at Her Maj's grocer is quite superb so you wont be disappointed if you do manage to view the spectacle for yourself - and you really must.  Don't limit yourself to just the windows however as this scheme flows right through the store.  Burlesque dancers in suspended illuminated cages hang throughout the atrium.  We can only marvel at  how they got them there..!  But anyway, do go and have a look at this wonderfully glitzy scheme and marvel at the level of detail that these guys go to.  If you want to know 'how its all done' and how to handle product with attention to detail, as always go and have a look at Fortnum's windows.

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