Friday, 25 November 2011

Desigual, London

Desigual have continually amused and entertained us throughout 2011 and possibly their final scheme for this year is no exception.  This scheme is quite ghostly in some respects with their glowing Santa head and so on.  The mannequins look very icy in this scheme and dressed in the merchandise from this brand which has a huge personality.  We can only wonder that, if these guys had a much bigger space to work with, what they could possibly do, although we are teasing ourselves to even think of this notion considering they have a relatively small space to work with at this store along Regent street.  In the meantime we read today that,  apparently the words 'thank you' have been replaced with the more commonly used 'cheers' here in the old U of K, so in the same as our fellow countrymen and women, Cheers Desigual for making our work ever more interesting and fun. 

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