Wednesday 30 November 2011

Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

Images Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko
In a hurry?  Then why not splash out on a new pair of gorgeous shoes with a rocket attached?  Simple solution but clearly rather effective, don't you think?  Here at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, courtesy once again of the lovely Angel Ko, this brand, who we don't really know much about (but think Harvey Nichols for a comparison) are delighting us with their brilliantly fun scheme.  Shoes are notoriously difficult to show well and in an interesting way so this is a great leap forward in providing a creative solution.  In a scheme created with a large Black and White graphic and White painted models of space ships and aeroplanes, this must be a teenage boys fantasy - maybe without the shoes of course?  In a monochromatic scheme where the only colour is provided by the merchandise itself we are immediately drawn in to focus on it.  Great fun and job well done.   

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