Tuesday 22 November 2011

Jack Wills, London

We haven't always been fans of this brand (and goodness knows one of their VM team reminded us last time we included this brand)  although, hands up, they seem to have grown into their skin.  Gone, it seems at least, is the American freshman / super senior 'look' and faux brand heritage (well we never really believed it all - with an office in sunny Salcombe in Devon, the cache was lost, so who would anyway?) and here we have the brand tapping into the latest of London's nostalgia, post-Royal wedding and pre-Jubilee 2012 trend with street party an' all.  We really do quite like where they are going with this but we guess its going to take just a little while longer until they really get this brand right.  We'll just keep watching from the sidelines anyway, but in the mean time we're just telling it like it is.

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