Friday, 18 November 2011

Gant, London

Were you at Gants 'Rugger' launch last night?  If you weren't invited then you really did miss an incredible evening in the Coolest place in London right now.
We weren't expecting what we found from this brand which seem to be synonymous with the American 'preppy' look, but....we really were quite stunned.  This brand have shifted, and incredibly so, with their 'Rugger' launch, from the high street generic male-look to a place which is unconventional, non-routine, anti-bourgeois, fabulously uncomfortable, youthful, thin, non-sentimental and non-rational - we love it.
These guys are flirting with living on the edge but in such a considered and intelligent way.  They wont reveal how to achieve their 'Cool' (this changes all the time anyway) however they have presented an incredible way of shopping that we just simply have to come back and look a lot more.

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  1. Love this! And aren't you in the "in" crowd? Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We've got to stay on top of what's happening in London and thanks to you - we can. Keep up the great work!


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