Wednesday 10 September 2014

Joseph, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Joseph

Did you ever go and experience the Turner Prize nominee Roger Hiorns' Seizure installation here in London in 2009?  If you didn't or don't know about it then essentially a council flat (or apartment owned by a local authority if that makes sense to our international readers) was sealed with mostly all components within the interior remaining in tact then filled with a liquid which was left to solidify until if formed crystals (image at the bottom of this entry).   Even the bath and lighting were covered in the most intense Blue crystals which generated a fantastic experience similar to what we see here in the current and incredibly delicious scheme at Joseph.  You wont need the gloves and obligatory 'wellies' however to experience it.  OK, well we are making the connection here rather than where the scheme necessarily came from, but how vibrant and incredible is this scheme?  The installation in conjunction with the designer Mary Katrantzou and Harlequin-Design includes two characters, Tikiman and Clocktopia constructed from signs and signifier's that would probably have Ferdinand De Saussure reeling.  The Fashion Visual Merchandising benchmark just got a whole lot higher.   

Roger Hiorns' 'Seizure' installation, Elephant and Castle, London 2009

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