Tuesday 9 September 2014

Brooks Brothers, London

Here's the first of the many collaborations between Architects and Retailers along Regent street here in the centre of it all.  'The concept draws on the story of the Golden Fleece from Antiquity (around 8th Century B.C.) and the historical symbol of wool merchants which has also formed part of the Brooks Brothers Branding since it began in 1850.  The installation comprises of two Golden fleece created from an incredible over 800 individually hand sculpted sheep suspended from Golden thread.  The one seen here has been delicately covered in Dutch Gold leaf and encased in a Golden box.  As you know, we are night time flaneurs so we missed the chalk sheep prints and the life sized cast bronze sheep outside the store although we will pass by shortly during the day to take another look.  In the meantime, do swing by and take a look.  Brooks Brothers has never looked so interesting.

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