Thursday, 16 February 2012

Debenhams, London

We've never included this brand on this site......even after all of this time.  They don't normally do anything that particularly draws us in, although of course they do what they do very well and have a particular target market that they clearly understand.  However, we were rather drawn in to this scheme as it is massively on trend.  We've seen a few schemes with outsized lettering, printing blocks, stacked letters and so on.  Here we have out-sized lettering in corrugated cardboard in a kind of locker room environment.  How cool are these guys, eh?


  1. Great!
    I love the Ladies window...
    BTW, strange (or not) a lot of retailers have in this Season Start windows with jeans...

  2. Am a regular follower..VM professional..working for Debenhams in India ..... and it is so heartening to see the Brand featured here for the first time ever !! :)


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