Wednesday 15 February 2012

Fortnum and Mason, London

With their usual massively sophisticated style, the team at Fortnum and Mason never fail to impress and draw us in.  This is a style 'of the old school'  and very much in tune with this brand and therefore it is clear that the creative team really do know their market.  After all, it would be rather odd for this brand to adopt a 'global' look and we are at least glad they don't.  We occasionally see products from this brand on the shelves of only the best retailers in the world - thankfully the brand values here are in very good hands.  Anyway, you must go an have a look at their fabulous newly launched Jubilee scheme at the store right now (and do make sure you check out the exterior of the store too).  If you cant, then luckily for you we made a short video which scans the installation here and can be found at our Youtube channel:

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