Friday, 17 February 2012

Matches Fashion, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Matches Fashion

We adore Matches Fashion right now.  How cool are these guys?  Did you see the Post-Modernism exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year?  If you did you will instantly recognise where these guys are coming from.  The exhibition itself included our own particular favourite, Venturi's 'Learning from Las Vegas'  (images from our own personal research in Vegas can be viewed in the pages above).  The exhibition itself also included outfits worn by Leigh Bowery in Michael Clarke's production, 'Because we must' at Saddlers Wells Theatre, which we saw in 1987 - yeah we know..!  Anyway, if you missed the opportunity then you missed an enormous gem as one of the most recognisable trends right now is the influence of Post-modernism in store windows and the Bauhaus in some product.  One only has to look at the current schemes at Burberry and Hermes to confirm this.  Matches Fashion 'wanted to capture and communicate some key visual motifs across this period to create some super-bold visual statements! The concept links directly to one of the biggest trends of SS12 "New Neon" and focuses on a powerful and iconic window display & translates through our in-store environment, the scheme also features pieces of Neon artwork by'  '

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  1. Love the use of color in these displays. It's eye-catching but not off-putting with the use of neon. Fantastic! It really draws you in. Love the big pink star in the second photo. Thank you for sharing this!
    Look forward to seeing you at GlobalShop at the end of the month,


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