Saturday 6 August 2011

Links, London

Just behind Peter Jones on Sloane square is one of the branches of Links.  We rarely look at this brand for some reason although this scheme caught our eye along the high street and beckoned us to take a closer look. These guys seem to quietly work away unnoticed a lot of the time, but clearly chipping away within their own commercial market segment. Anyway, with their delicious jewel-like formula concept, Chemistry of Friendship (formula as in Chemistry-type formula rather than the scheme being formulaic) we really thought this is an interesting and creative way to show notoriously difficult product.  While they have quite large spaces in which to showcase accessories which of course can so easily be lost, Links have placed the scheme within these glass boxes which immediately hones the eye in on the detail while allowing the viewer views into and around the store from the high street.  Clever stuff, eh?

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