Thursday, 21 July 2011

Market Day finds

We've been searching for all the latest trends in product, colour, pattern, textures, materials and so on around the markets in exotic places this week.  We've seen a plethora of metal buckets, gorgeous mirrors, furniture to die for and the most unusual bits, including the hideous Elephant leg umbrella stand (below) and the most beautiful pearl finished ceramics from Sorrento, glass Lemon tree fly catchers from Spain, barnacle covered terracotta lobster pots, and a heap of unusual bits and pieces to enhance the creative commercial environment.  Vintage fur coats, chamber pots, oil lamps, animal feeders, four poster beds, jewellery....oh the list goes on.  We left with a very heavy van load of beautiful things for our clients.  If you're looking for something special (not the fur however) let us know and we'll try and find it for you.

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