Thursday 28 July 2011

Liberty, London

Roll up, Roll up..........its all the fun of the fair here at Liberty.  Cosmetic Ferris wheels and Ghost trains brimming with product fill this scheme.  The interesting angle of the schemes at this store is their sensitivity to what is happening around them.  Whether these are references to current exhibitions, for example the links with the V&A and the Barbican that we've seen here over the last while or perhaps as in this case (and we're not entirely sure) but David Essex is performing 'All the fun of the fair' currently and so we are making the connections ourselves here.  Unfortunately, there are no bearded women, Siamese or tattooed mannequins, strong men, unicorns and all the other freaky stuff we all love to tut-tut at but secretly enjoy tut-tutting at.  No hairy Mary from Borneo that it transpires is actually a monkey, no fat boy from Peckham, the Lion faced lady, Lilliputians (historical references) or other side show novelties that we are so sensitive about, and rightly so.  Ultimately, of course, its not all about the show itself, but very much about the tale you tell.  Anyway, as usual, the team have added in their own angle on the narrative and naturally the execution of the schemes is the usual perfection we all expect from this brand.
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