Wednesday 27 July 2011

Penhaligon, London

We're always intrigued by these huge bottles in the windows of Penhaligon.  Historically, of course this is the kind of scene one would have been viewed in many high street chemists' windows right up until the 1980's.  There is also quite a lot of discussion about the reason for this.  The use and purpose of what were called Dispensing Bottles were both decorative and an indication of pharmaceuticals being sold.  Traditionally these out sized vessels were known as carboys and used to prepare tinctures, and placed in the pharmacy store window as an indication of authority of the purveyor concerned, although ultimately these vessels were purely decorative.  While we don't seem to view these kinds of schemes that often, this is a wonderful nod to the past.  At Penhaligon, the brand have also used background images in a repetition format which supports the content of the in-store product range.  Great work..! 

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