Tuesday 12 July 2011

Diptyque, London

For some odd reason, we haven't published anything from this company even though we look at them quite frequently........bizarre, eh?  Anyway, we have recorded what they do in the past anyway, so we have a record of what they have been up to.  Diptyque have a great scheme in at the moment which compliments Sale schemes perfectly right now (complimentary as in opposites on the colour wheel rather than working in tandem).  With the high street absolutely saturated with cosmetics, bath stuff, exfoliating this, moisturising.....whatever you like to moisturise, and in conjunction with gorgeous smelling candles and a night in on your own or shared, who could resist stepping in here?  With the use of repetition of radiating forms in the shape of these concertinaed structures in a fabulous Lime green, the product is incredible, it smells great, feels great and lets bring on one of those pampering evenings, hey?

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