Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cox and Power, London

We have been struggling a lot this week to find some interesting schemes to share with you all and found ourselves out of our usual area and venturing up Marylebone High st. in search of a scheme or retail space that actually is not in Sale.  Through pure serendipity we came across Cox and Power and their incredible windows.  We often remark about retailers that have small items of merchandise to present and yet have huge window spaces, to really break the space down into small 'reveals' in order to maximise the impact of such tiny product.  Few independents really listen, and the luxury brands of course have it all so right.  We're guessing that Cox and Power are an independent and how right have these guys got their scheme, eh?  These wonderfully fun illuminated port holes with backgrounds in a variety of delicious colours just works so incredibly well.  The whole installation drew us in to take a closer inspection and really focus in on the product.  Someone did an excellent job with this store.

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