Monday 11 July 2011

Lanvin, London

Thankfully there is a ray of hope out there on the high street and Sale schemes, while still dominant, are gradually finally on their way out.  Unfortunately, what there is to view is not the best in the world by far, and unfortunately this scheme is no exception.  We screeched to a halt to view this scheme at Lanvin, but on closer inspection, fomex mounted images of Leopards and Lions (with vinyl versions adhered to the fenestration) placed rather oddly on the lap of a mannequin or leaning up against another (because of the way it has been cut) rather jars particularly with consideration to the cost of this merchandise.  This could have been a really fun scheme and potentially still could be, as the concept is there, but as every expense has been spared, particularly for such an expensive brand, this one just doesn't work at all?

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