Friday 3 June 2011

G Star Raw, London

G Star Raw produce some really interesting schemes at their Carnaby St. store, although this is probably not their best?  We love the Polaroids attached to the frame surrounding the merchandise however looking at the presentation overall, it does appear quite sinister. We have no doubt that this is not intentional.  Death, Religion and Politics are rather taboo subjects in window schemes which are best avoided unless one is prepared to defend the outcome, and defend it you will.  These subject areas will no doubt always be challenging and challenged and  therefore unless there is some kind of justification or deeper level of understanding then don't go there.  The dressing here does give the illusion of three hung corpses rather than the savvy presentation we are used to seeing from this brand.  It was no doubt purely an oversight and with a fleeting glance not something a customer would possibly associate with this presentation, however, as we looking at these this from quite a different angle it does scream Death, don't you think?

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