Saturday 4 June 2011

Alexander McQueen, London

The guys at McQueen can just do no wrong.  Every scheme that this brand produces just oooooooozes everything that you would expect from a luxury brand and yet everything one would hope for from everyone else.  Of course, if everyone else produced the quality that this brand always delivers, perhaps it wouldn't be that special, hence the need for differentiation.  Of course we're not asking that Primark present merchandise on artefact's from ancient Rome or that New Look delivers the stuff that they do, using antiques from Versailles, although how good would it all look hey?  Gilt tables and mercury mirrors in abundance.  Of course the only reason Gilt mirrors are called Gilt mirrors is because we feel so Gilt-y paying so much for them.  At McQueen, you get what you pay for - the best and worth every penny.

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