Thursday 2 June 2011

London Olympics, 2012

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Did you get any tickets to the London Olympics?  If your answer is no, then like us, UK tax payers and worse still Londoners then you may also feel just a little wrong footed?  How do we feel about rip-off London right now?  Well, have you ever seen the film Personal Services?  "The film stars Julie Walters as Christine Painter, a thinly disguised Cynthia Payne, who begins the film as a sexually naive waitress and single-mother who pays for her teenage son's tuition by renting flats to local tarts". "She later becomes a call girl herself (joining her friend Shirley and their "maid" Dolly) and specializes in fetish/kink role play with older gentlemen". "With her new family of friends and admirers, she becomes a huge sensation leading to wealth and infamy in the tabloids". "The brothel business also brings out Christine's self-confidence, and leads to repairing a previously strained relationship with her father."
One scene that always springs into our minds is the part where Christine (played by Walters) angrily pushes open a door, clad head to toe in Leather or Rubber, hair tied back like a brossette, and shouting at a middle-aged man in a bikini with a collar and chain (who it transpires is a Civil Servant) while whipping him across his hairy rear, "that's for the bloody Inland Revenue".
That's how we feel right now about being UK and London Tax Payers, London Council Tax Payers, London Parking Permit Tax Payers,  over charged London rail travel Payers, London Congestion Charge Payers, the list goes on.....and NO VERY EXPENSIVE yet crap three lil ole tickets (opening ceremony) for which we are expected to apply, for the London Olympics.  Where did ours go hey?  Thats for being so bloody unfair.

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