Monday 30 May 2011

Liberty, London

If you turn your gaze for just one moment or take your finger off the pulse, everything seems to change so incredibly fast.  The guys at Liberty seem to work like demons and scheme after fabulous scheme appears to pour effortlessly from this store.  The latest scheme, links to the Cult of Beauty Exhibition at the V&A, the Aesthetic Movement 1860 - 1900.  Having seen the images currently published on the V&A website, we have come to the conclusion, that while of course the museums exhibition is quite superb and the place itself is like none other in the world, the Liberty scheme and interpretation of their exhibitions is rather more enthralling.  We loved the previous links from here to the V&A - the Quilts exhibition and the Barbican's Surreal House, but to be momentarily candid (and we know you like that we are), the presentation here is rather more dynamic.   Of course we will have to turn a blind eye to the use of Silver birches (not seen here), but this is far more exciting than the exhibitions that these windows link to.  The Surreal House exhibition while of course hugely valuable historical information, it was as dull as dishwater.  The Quilts exhibition, was quite stunning in the execution of the pieces themselves, although we are always presented with the same old format or display case after display case and therefore the schemes at this store simply stole the limelight.  While retail spaces are constantly reinventing and pursuing the Sterling, Dollar, Euro, Yen and so on, it seems so many exhibitions have just tired and given up hope while still charging a pretty penny.  The answer we suspect is to employ Visual Merchandisers to make those spaces exciting again.  Right?

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