Wednesday 2 February 2011

Uno de 50, Paris

We had never seen this brand before walking the streets of Paris, although we were reliably informed that this is a Spanish jewellery brand.  We were particularly drawn, not by the windows here, but of the glimpse inside of this space with its repetition of these little bags on a raised plinth and suspended semi bust forms in, probably fibreglass.  We have to confess that we were a little dismissive of this brand as the name, which may sound cool in Spanish or any other language -  where it may just be meaningless - to us it sounded a little like a value retailer called "Under 50".  We have since seen some of the product which in fact is actually quite interesting.  Guess you cant judge a book by its cover after all?  Or can you?  Well, once they sort out their lighting i.e. illuminate their product evenly, and raise the product away from the floor in the windows, we may take a little more notice.  As it is, we nearly walked on by.  Luckily the door was left wide open in the bracing Paris winter cold and we got the shot below.  The website raised a little curly smile as it announces that it has limited edition (only 50 in the world, yes, that's right, only 50) eraser lamps and paint brushes stamped with Uno de 50.  Naturally we had to rush out and buy one - yeah that will be the one then.  Ya not quite LV yet, Uno de 50..!  (did you buy one?)

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