Thursday 3 February 2011

Michel Cluizel, Paris

We know we will hear groans of horror when you hear this,  but at towers, we're not massive fans of the ole' sugary, gooey stuff.  Yep, the old box of chocs. does nothing for us at all -  and we have a whole fridge full of the stuff sent from various readers from before Christmas and we just cant face eating any of it, save for the odd nibble around 4.00pm each day of course.  However, here at Michel Cluizel, we had a divine and spiritual experience and found ourselves chomping through many of  these delights.  OK, well the Chocolate fountain was given a wide berth, but how incredible does it look? And the packaging here beautifully presented is just as delicious and as the chocolates themselves - heaven.  The flavours, and the variety is staggering.  Our favourites are the little soft pieces of Lemon and Orange deftly dipped in South Americas finest cocao and arranged delicately in a repetition format on glass stands which was enough to convert anyone.  If you happen to be in Paris, please do and check out this brand.  Incredible.

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