Tuesday 1 February 2011

Laurent Debraux, Paris

Images Courtesy and Copyright Laurent Debraux

We love the work of Laurent Debraux here in Paris right now.  Born in Paris in 1965, Laurent worked initially  as software programmer before developing his kinetic sculptures in May 2010 for a neighbourhood event (open doors for Belleville’s artists workshops , Paris) purely for his own interest. However, after peer group encouragement, he decided to continue with the development of his work.
Laurent's work "aims are to transmit emotions by movement".  After all, "95% of communication between two people is non verbal" say Laurent, "and a lot of it passes by with very little perception of movement". What Laurent tries to recreate is an experience with minimal materials, in order for the viewer to see only the movement itself. Laurent confesses that he has no "talent to do beautiful things".  We disagree and can see all sorts of commercial applications for his incredible work.  If you have a scan on Youtube you can find all sorts of interesting videos of his work.  Really fascinating stuff, we think.

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