Friday 19 November 2010

Oasis, London

Oasis has launched their scheme this year.  I sort of quite like this one.  I must also admit however, I do prefer the Topshop version around the corner from this store, although I did prefer both versions of this scheme when I saw it in New York several years ago at Gucci.  Isn't it so incredibly dull seeing the same stuff cropping up perpetually?  Is there nothing original left to explore?  Yes, there is, so why don't these mid-range retailers produce something new?  Possibly because retailers are just not aware that the wheel has already been invented and covering it in either snow, leaves, hearts, flowers....list goes on, just isn't fooling anyone. I am so bored with viewing the same stuff dug up, dusted down, given a little polish and presented as if new, again and again.  Still, too late now.....bah humbug an' all that.

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