Tuesday 2 November 2010

Louis Vuitton, London

Louis Vuitton
You just cant beat a new scheme that makes you salivate and apologies to LV for the drool I may have left on the fenestration at the Maison Louis Vuitton, along Bond Street here in London after viewing this scheme, but I simply couldn't help myself.  I have never seen a Diwali scheme in the West End (the centre of the incredible retailing and cutting edge retail brands in Central London, just for clarification to those readers from around the world).  I am quite stunned that after more than a decade publicly talking about this stuff that I finally didn't have to venture to Green street, Tooting or Southall to witness the celebration of the festival of Light.  With the current scheme designed by the amazing artist Rajeev Sethi - and you must see his site to view the incredible work this guy has produced - the latest scheme from this very confident brand certainly is a site to savor. Beautifully lit gravity defying lanterns with just a hint of the LV luggage sensitively underplayed and encapsulated within the concept is just delicious, the tones are so wonderfully subtle that you will feel the need to emulate this scheme within your own personal environment.  I'm just left wondering what these guys are going to do for Christmas......just watch this space I guess.

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